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Seed Starting

Potatoes | 90–120 days to maturity

One potato plant yields 2-5lbs of potatoes

WHEN TO PLANT: Plant these when the ground can be worked, about 2–4 weeks before the last frost date.

WHERE TO PLANT: Make sure to choose a sunny spot for your potatoes. The soil should be well drained soil and mixed with plenty of well decomposed compost.

HOW TO PLANT: Cut the potatoes in quarters leaving 2–3 eyes per piece. Cure the pieces for two days in a cool dry place. When ready, plant the quarters eyes up in a shallow trench 6" deep and 12" apart. Cover with 4" of soil. Space your rows 3' apart.

MAINTENANCE: When plants are 4–6" tall, heap soil around the stems. Continue heaping until the plants are 12" tall and begin to flower.

HARVEST: Harvest new potatoes after blossoms appear. Harvest storage potatoes after the foliage dies. Potatoes can stay in the ground up until the first frost. 


WHEN TO PLANT: 4–6 weeks before the last frost date.

WHERE TO PLANT: In a sunny spot. 

HOW TO PLANT: Plant each set 4–6" apart with the pointed end up. Rows should be 1–2' apart. Make sure to cover with 2" of soil. 

HARVEST: Harvest in the fall when the tops start to yellow and fall over.