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Karen O'Connor

“A total lunar eclipse will spawn a rare and dramatic 'supermoon' blood moon on September 27, 2015.
Supermoons occur when the moon reaches its full phase at or near the satellite's closest approach to Earth, and appears abnormally large and bright as a result. The September 27 event is quite special; the last supermoon eclipse occurred in 1982, and the next won't take place until 2033.”

Eclipses happen in real time, not on demand. With many of us (in this time and place) struggling to be present, is that part of the appeal of eclipses (and of gardens)?

We can’t ever replay the garden we had this past year, we can only experience the present and think about what we might like to try in the future. It’s a beautiful thing.
So what worked (and what didn’t) in your garden? I hear gardeners talking about this all the time in the fall, so let’s use that as the launching pad. Before we go too far, it must be mentioned that we had one of the most spectacular summers anyone can remember, and so far the young autumn is following suit.

Even in the perfect year, there were things that worked in my garden, and things that most definitely did not. And in the interest of simplifying, (a consistent quest, as yet to be attained), I’d like to “weed” out those things that either didn’t work or brought no joy. September is an excellent time to reflect on all of this. Wander around and take some photos or notes, or start making a list while you are putting food up from your garden for the winter.

Here’s my short list, starting with a few pictures:

My “cutting garden” is a definite keeper! I’ll ditch a few things that can’t tolerate the partial shade I have most places, and might reconsider a few plants I have moved away from recently. Most of the flowers one might plant in a cutting garden are found in the annual section of the store we call “Border Gems”. These plants are primarily found as 6-packs, and often are not blooming when planted. Very broadly speaking, in the annual section of the store, there are 4-packs (filler), 6-packs (landscape planting) and specialty singles (window boxes and pots). That’s very broad, of course, because they are plants, and therefore resist super tidy classifications. But if you are interested in growing your own bouquets next year, put this in the back of your mind and browse the 6-pack Border Gems next spring.
What worked, or didn't, in your flower gardens or containers this year?


Garlic! Every year. This is the one plant (okay, besides tomatoes) that I plant every year without fail. So easy, so rewarding, so pretty, it’s just perfect. Plant it in the fall after the first frost, but better come buy it soon, because it is in and out of the store quickly. We sell Minnesota hardy hardneck garlic, as opposed to the softneck you will find at your local grocery. Hardneck garlic does not have the smaller cloves in the center and produces curling garlic scapes in the summer that you snip off and cut into a stir fry or salad. You will find a variety of garlic types from mild to hot. Don’t forget to put a plant marker at each row with the variety, or at least some indication that you planted it under all that straw, so you don’t pull it up as a weed come spring!

Perennials planted in the fall. Yes, that’s right. Many of us at the store prefer planting in the fall because we have a better memory of what happened during the season and we plan better that way. Fall is actually an excellent time to plant - cooler temps mean less water stress. You have a solid month at least, and things are on sale!

The hows and whys of perennial planting in the fall are in our September 2104 newsletter, found here.

If you are ready to for a little outside guidance, our designers and coaches love fall planning projects, and you’ll have a plan ready for spring planting. Email for more information.

If you are interested in trying green manure, or a winter crop such as oats, rye, peas, or vetch, they need to be planted in the next few days to a week so they have enough time to get established before the first frost.

We have a few new items and lots of events coming up, see if these interest, and save the dates:

 --SALE - starting September 19, all of our plants (except mums, bulbs, garlic and houseplants) are going BOGO. Help us clear them out and get a bargain fall garden!

--Here comes LOLA !- The annual League of Longfellow Artists art crawl, Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 from 10-5. We are sponsoring three talented artists and many other businesses and studios are open all over the Longfellow neighborhood.
--NEW ITEMS:  Try a new bulb Bloom Pad that contains spring flowering bulbs in a compostable cover. It makes it easy to dig and throw in, everything is appropriately spaced. We are hoping it helps with the squirrel issue, as well. Tulips make everything right in the spring.  
Fermenting Lid for mason jars - now you can start fermenting right in a mason jar. We also have crocks and weights for bigger projects.

As always, we have lots of new recycled, free trade, local, US Made decor items, too.
--PUMPKINS - first round comes September 25…..

--MIDTOWN FARMERS MARKET - We sponsor the market on October 3, come visit us 8am-1pm.

--CUSTOMER APPRECIATION AND EARLY HOLIDAY DISCOUNTS! - We have food and all ages beverages at these after work, early holiday buying events at both stores.
Northeast: Wednesday, October 21 5pm-9pm
Longfellow: Wednesday, November 11 5pm-9pm

--WINTER OUTDOOR CONTAINER WORKSHOPS - Details to follow, but classes will be held Saturday and Sunday, November 7-8. A sign up will be sent out in October. If you have a group wishing to book a specific time, our Northeast location can accommodate, email to schedule.

--CUSTOM CONTAINERS, Winter - We are scheduling staff to create gorgeous winter containers at your home or business starting November 6. Last year many folks got frozen out with early cold temperatures, book your time early. Email for more information.

--GREEN GIFTS FAIR and ST. PAUL CHRISTMAS MARKET - more details to follow….

--TERRARIUM, CENTERPIECE and WREATH workshops - more details to follow, but if your group has specific dates in mind, please email to let us know. We will also have classes for individuals to sign up for, schedules and signups to be sent out in an October newsletter.