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Wednesday, March 29, 7pm: Mysterious Amendments with Stephen Gregg
It's a great idea to send some garden soil to the University of Minnesota for a test in the spring. But what does it mean when the test comes back telling you to add potassium, and what are all those mysterious things like "greensand" in the bulk bins at the garden store? Stephen will give you the basics to understand what the trade calls "amendments", including both bulk additives and cover crops, which are planted specifically to increase fertility and soil health.

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Monday, March 27, 7pm: Start with Soil by Sam Janicki
Organic gardening always starts with soil. Mother Earth Gardens recommends certain compost and soil ratios to start a new vegetable garden, our staff loves soil conditioners in the spring, and we sell many different types of soil for houseplants and container planting. What is the difference and why is it important? Sam Janicki, our long-time soil rep, takes you through what soil is, why it's important and what you should look for when you are buying soil for your home and garden.